The Queen’s Printer

Leslie Polsom, Saskatchewan

Leslie Polsom, Saskatchewan

Frances Thomas, Louisiana

Frances Thomas, Louisiana

The conference attendees arrived in St. Paul yesterday.  Several met one another for the first time, particularly Leslie Polsom, Director of Reference Services at the Saskatchewan Legislative Library.  This is her first PDS.  Legislative libraries differ greatly in administrative structure, size, and responsiblities within their legislatures.  Frances Thomas, Senior Information Specialist/Systems Librarian at the Legislative Research Library in Louisiana, was talking about how their librarians produce the indexes for their bills and acts.  (I’m glad that our Revisor’s Office does that task!)   Frances also said that the Secretary of State actually publishes the statutes in Louisiana, not the Legislature.  The executive branch also does the publishing in Saskatchewan, except theirs are published by the Queen’s Printing Office, which sounds so exotic.  “And when we get a king,” she added, “It will be the King’s Printing Office.”

Robbie LaFleur


2 responses to “The Queen’s Printer

  1. Welcome and hi, Leslie and Frances! So nice to have a wide geographical spread at the PDS. Which other states/who else is attending?

  2. Looking forward to getting the report on today’s sessions – and of course, the more pictures the merrier! Am especially waiting for pix of Heather’s next dessert order of tiramisu – don’t try to sample it, you’ll draw back a nub! She’s a terrific staff section liaison, but selfish with her desserts. 😉

    Welcome indeed to our Canadian colleague –

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