Are You Feeling Secure?

Shelley Day models the extra security badge

Shelley Day models the extra security badge

Most visitors to the Minnesota State Capitol notice the beauty of Cass Gilbert´s design – the golden horses, the rotunda, the sweeping staircases, and the formal House and Senate chambers.  Legislative librarians visiting from other states have observed something else-the lack of noticeable security.  Most states´ capitol buildings have a much higher level of security; metal detectors and security staff at each entrance, for example.

Our tour of Thomson Reuters headquarters in Eagan, Minnesota, involved a level of security that felt familiar to many of us.  There were no metal detectors but we needed both a name tag and a guest pass.   Our NCSL name badges started to get heavy with two additional badges attached!

But we hadn´t seen anything yet!  Access to Thomson Reuters Data Center within the corporate campus was the most secure facility most of us had ever visited.   Of course, you need badges, but even if you get past one check point you need further clearance to get past others.

In addition to being highly secure, the Data Center had remarkable redundancy.  Data was backed up in multiple ways, energy sources were also backed up.  Rows of batteries, rooms of generators, and multiple 10,000 gallon fuel tanks were impressive.

Elizabeth Lincoln

Cool doors at Thompson-Reuters

Cool doors at Thompson-Reuters


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